2 - 4 OCTOBER 2024


Devki Unveils East Africa’s Largest Rooftop Solar Plant

Devki 4MW rooftop solar plant.

Devki Group has taken the lead in the ongoing solar energy revolution in Kenya with the installation of East Africa’s largest rooftop plant at its Ruiru factory.

The 4MWp solar plant, which was mounted by Distributed Power Africa (DPA) Kenya Limited, is expected to help Devki save about Sh1.5 billion over the 20-year power lease agreement with the renewable energy solutions company.

The facility will also make Devki’s operations more sustainable, allowing for greater efficiency, business continuity during power outages and cost savings.

“By investing in solar energy, Devki has not only prioritized cost savings but also positively impacted the environment. Our commitment to renewable energy aligns with global efforts to combat climate change,” said Narendra Raval, Chairman of Devki Group.

DPA Kenya has financed, designed, deployed and will operate and maintain the solar plant that is billed as the largest of its kind in East, West, and Central Africa.

The energy company has applauded Devki and other institutions that are investing in clean energy solutions for their dedication to sustainable business practices.

“By prioritizing sustainability, businesses gain a competitive advantage, increase brand loyalty, and attract a new generation of environmentally-conscious customers,” said Norman Moyo, CEO of DPA Group.

Devki Group has joined a growing list of Kenyan companies that are embracing renewable energy solutions by installing solar plants at their premises.

Bamburi Cement and East African Breweries PLC are among the biggest local power consumers that are investing heavily towards their shift to solar power.

Bamburi has signed a power purchase agreement with Momnai Energy to set up two solar plants at its Mombasa and Nairobi factories. Both plants will produce up to 19.5MW, accounting for 40% of Bamburi’s total power intake.  

On its part, the brewery is setting up a Sh22 billion solar plant to power its operation as it targets to completely delink from the national grid by 2030.

Wildfire Flowers has also installed a 154Kw solar plant at its farm in Naivasha, with its general manager Patrick Mbugua affirming that solar has helped his company to reduce its dependence on grid power, which is quite expensive.

“Payback period is four years and the guarantee for the solar panels is 20 years, meaning we will be getting free power from the fifth year onwards,” he said.

The International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (Icipe), Garden City Mall, and the Africa Logistics Properties have also shifted to solar energy.

London Distillers Ltd has also installed a 1 MWp roof solar plant in Athi River, offsetting the need for grid power and cutting energy costs by Sh18 million a year.

Two Rivers Mall, Bidco, Total and Kapa Oil Refineries have already adopted solar energy, with several other top companies lining up to join the movement.

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